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If you are a pastor, registering and reporting a group from your church, please follow the instructions given on the Annual Pastor's Report page found here.

If you are a delegate registering yourself or specific individuals, please follow the instructions found here

A note regarding all pre-assembly reports found below. It is our goal to get those reports to you as soon as possible. However, there is a domino effect attached to each report. We will post them prior to your leaving home for District Advance. Our goal is to process accurate information as we receive it and then post that information in a timely fashion. Your understanding is appreciated.

GUESTS (non-delegates):

We love guests! It's like having company at home...you simply belong!
All we need is to know you are coming so we are ready to receive you!

All information and forms for guest registration is found here. Please note that housing, meal, delegate and kids registration are separate from the guest registration.

Meal registration must be completed here.

Kids registration must be completed here. More information on the children's program can be found here.

(All contracted housing deadlines have passed for 2019.)

See above for delegate registration.

(Reports will be clickable as they become available)

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Saturday, May 4, will give each delegate two opportunities to attend a workshop of choice. All workshop options are available here. Two shuttle buses will be available to assist you in getting from one building to another.

Ministerial Studies Board

The District Board of Ministerial Studies has the responsibility of examining and advancing ministerial candidates through a validated course of study – in preparation for district ministerial license and ordination, or advanced training for service in the local church. This is a report of those students and their status in their studies.  Those who have graduated in previous years are not listed on this report.

Credentials Board Report

The District Board of Ministerial Credentials has the responsibility of examining and evaluating all persons desiring to receive a certification for all roles of ministry aspiring to be recognized for ministries beyond the local church.  The board evaluates the candidates for their spiritual, intellectual, and moral qualifications and general fitness for the ministry to which the candidate feels called -- some for election to the order of elder, the order of deacon, or for district minister’s licenses.  This board also tracks those already holding these ministerial credentials as they transfer onto or off the district.  Final approval of these certifications lies with the District Assembly. This is the report of those individuals.

District  Advisory Board Report

The District Advisory Board is elected by the District Assembly and advises the District Superintendent, and conducts the business of the district much like a local church board.  It is made up of ministers and laypeople from across the Florida District.

Treasurer's Report

Attached is a summary of the treasurer's report that can be viewed by clicking on the picture to the left or by clicking on the subheading.

Finance Committee Report

This is the report of the District Finance Committee, which makes recommendations regarding the business and finances of the local church and the district.  This report includes the 2019-20 projected budget.

Organizational Report

This report outlines the official schedule and names the staff and helpers for the event.  If your name is listed as a teller, you may be asked to help count votes or hand out papers.

Nominations Report

This is the report of the District and NMI nominating committees for the ballot to be considered at District Advance.  Please see the Nominations Information for more details on the individual candidates.

Nominations Information
Detailed information in English and Spanish. Please study and come prepared to vote