2020 District Advance Reports

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First Annual Report of the District Superintendent
Rev. Dale W. Schaeffer, District Superintendt
Ministerial Studies Board Report

The District Board of Ministerial Studies has the responsibility of examining and advancing ministerial candidates through a validated course of study – in preparation for district ministerial license and ordination, or advanced training for service in the local church. This report includes the status of enrolled student's progress, and also nominates those students who have completed the validated course of study for graduation in the year just ended.

Credentials Board Report

The District Board of Ministerial Credentials has the responsibility of examining and evaluating all persons desiring to receive a certification for all roles of ministry aspiring to be recognized for ministries in and beyond the local church. The board evaluates the candidates for their spiritual, intellectual, moral qualifications, and general fitness for the ministry to which the candidate feels called. It also recommends persons for district minister’s license, and election to the order of elder or deacon. This board also tracks those already holding these ministerial credentials. Final approval of these certifications lies with the District Assembly. This report contains the various recommendations of individuals for ministry roles, credentialing, and tracking those ministers transferring to and from the district.

District  Advisory Board Report

The District Advisory Board is elected by the District Assembly and advises the District Superintendent, and conducts the business of the district much like a local church board. It is made up of ministers and laypeople from across the Florida District.

Finance Committee Report

This is the report of the District Finance Committee, which makes recommendations regarding the business and finances of the local church and the district.

Nominations Report

This is the report of the District and Auxiliary nominating committees for the ballot to be considered at District Advance. This year's report also includes the ballot for the 2021 General Assembly and General Convention delegates.

District Church Properties Board Report (Manual 236, 237-1-5)

This Board oversees the activities involving all aspects of local Church and District  properties construction, acquisition, etc. This board works in consultation with the District Advisory Board and District Superintendent.

District Nazarene Missions International (NMI) President

Annual report. This report summarizes the activities of the District NMI Council, which provides guidance and inspiration for local Churches how to be engaged in local and global mission efforts. It also offers an outlet for the Nazarene Global Missions network of missionaries to relate the work of missions being done around the globe.

District Nazarene Youth International (NYI) President

Annual report. This report summarizes the work of the District NYI Council in its efforts to engage all interested persons, especially young persons, in evangelism, discipleship and leadership development (Manual 810.100 - 810.102).

District Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) Chairperson

Annual report. This report summarizes the work of the SDMI Board, which functions as the training force for local Church discipleship of adults and children. A number of resources are also available through "The Discipleship Place", the global online resource center for discipleship training for the local Church. The SDMI's Fourfold Purpose is to: Be a people of prayer, be engaged in the Word, make disciples, and see to the growth and maturity of those who find faith in Christ.

Annual Church Statistical Report

This is the Statistical and Financial Summary of the local Florida District Churches for the Church year ending February 29, 2020.

Annual Pastor's Written Report

In lieu of an oral report, all Pastors were required to submit a written report to the General Superintendent, answering three specific questions. This document is organized by mission areas in a pdf booklet.

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